The Importance of Sports Physicals

If your child wants to join a school sport, it’s highly likely that their sports advisor will require them to receive a sports physical before they can participate in practices. Sports physicals, also referred to as pre-participation exams (PPE), are medical examinations that determine if a child is in good health to engage in higher levels of physical activity. Usually, sports physicals are needed once a year and can be completed by a family doctor or primary care provider. If your child needs a sports physical in Nashville, TN or La Vergne, TN, contact Signature Health & Wellness, today!

The importance of a sports physical doesn’t stop at its necessity for sport participation, it also ensures that a child is in peak health and shows no signs of illness. Here are a few examples of the importance of sports physicals:

Ensures that children are healthy enough to participate in a specific sport.

Can identify any medical conditions your child may be showing signs of having.

Can identify medical conditions that can limit participation (i.e. concussions, sprains).

Gives the doctor the opportunity to discuss healthy lifestyle habits.

During your child’s physical, the doctor/physician will go through your family’s medical history, with questions regarding any recent hospitalizations, injuries, or illnesses. Sometimes, these factors can affect whether or not a child is qualified to play a specific sport. The parents and children will be required to fill out a standard health history form as well as a questionnaire that looks into the daily habits and lifestyle choices of the child. Once this is completed, the physician will start the exam. This includes the following:

Height and weight measurements

Recording blood pressure and pulse

Check heartbeat and listen to lung function

Check reflexes and coordination

Vision and hearing tests

Spinal alignment and posture

Parents should be advised that if their child has gone through or is starting to go through the stages of puberty, the questions that are asked by the doctors will vary depending on gender.

Additionally, you’ll find that the family doctor can provide your child with excellent tips for avoiding injuries, such as efficient stretching and strengthening techniques.

To ensure that everything is processed before the start of the sports season and that the school receives the proper documentation that clears the athlete for participation, coaches and doctors recommend for students to get their physical completed either before the start of the school year, or at least 6 weeks before the start of the athletic season.




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