Laser Skin Rejuvenation with PicoSure™

Laser skin rejuvenation represents the next generation of anti-aging skin science. PicoSure utilizes an advanced picosecond laser to naturally repair aging skin with targeted laser light pulses. Fine lines and wrinkles are no match for PicoSure’s advanced technology. Laser anti-aging treatments will deliver outstanding results with little downtime.


How Do Laser Anti-Aging Treatments Work?


PicoSure laser skin rejuvenation activates the body’s own healing mechanisms to non-invasively repair wrinkled and sun-damaged skin. PressureWave technology safely sends laser pulses lasting one trillionth of a second, 100 times faster than a nanosecond laser, deep below the surface of the skin to target specific tissues. As the body works to heal the laser-damaged tissues, fine lines and wrinkles are filled in with new skin cells to naturally revitalize your skin. PicoSure laser treatments are safe and the surrounding skin is not permanently damaged or scarred by the procedure.


What to Expect During Laser Skin Revitalization


Depending on your skin type, multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve the best results. PicoSure laser skin revitalization is relatively painless, and the pulse of the laser is often compared to the snap of a thin rubber band. Laser wrinkle removal has few side effects, which usually include some redness and minor swelling. Most people can typically resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.


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