How Smoking Cessation Positively Affects Your Body

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It’s no secret that smoking cessation is an extremely challenging commitment, one that requires several attempts and an abundance of support to get through. With so many failed attempts to quit, smokers always ask the same question: “Why do I even bother quitting?” Though it takes a wealth of determination and self-restraint to kick this ugly habit to the curb, the positive effects it has on your body is 100% worth it. From the moment you put down the cigarette, your body goes to work to correct the damage that’s been done. Though not all damage can be repaired, your body works hard to function at the level it should be. If you are looking for a clinic that provides smoking cessation in Nashville, TN and La Vergne, TN, contact Signature Health & Wellness, today!  We provide smoking cessation programs and we offer many more services in the Middle Tennessee area.

Let’s take a look at the variety of positive health effects that smoking cessation has on your body over time:

  • Decreases Heart Health Risks: Did you know that smoking is the leading cause of heart attacks and heart disease? The wide array of toxic chemicals that are in cigarettes have a major, negative impact on your overall heart health. Nicotine makes your heart rate and blood pressure increase significantly, while carbon monoxide–that’s right, the silent killer, carbon monoxide, is found in cigarettes–and tobacco reduce oxygen formation in your heart, brain, and arteries. If you quit this deadly habit, your blood pressure and heart rate will be able to return to normal, reducing your risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and more.


  • Decreases the Risk of Blood Clots: Excessive smoking can lead to the reduction of blood circulation, leading to the formation of blood clots. The toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes can cause your blood platelets to stick together while damaging the lining of blood vessels. With the combination of damaged blood vessels and conjoined platelets, blood clots are likely to form, traveling throughout your body with the deadly risk of reaching your heart. However, when you quit smoking, your blood will slowly start to thin out to an average consistency, reducing the risk of blood clots, and ultimately allowing your heart to regain a normal pattern–it won’t have to work twice as hard to pump the blood throughout your body.


  • Lowers Your Cholesterol: Unfortunately, smoking cessation will not get rid of the fatty deposits that formed from years of smoking, but it will lower your LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and the levels of fats that continue to circulate in your blood–slowing and reducing the buildup of any new fatty deposits that form in your arteries. In just 3 weeks, your protective HDL cholesterol levels (good cholesterol) will increase by 30% and in a few years, your heart attack risk will return to the average rate–depending on age, weight, health etc.


  • Improved Lung Function: Smoking does the highest amount of damage to your lungs, initially. Scarring, shortness of breath, emphysema, blackened lungs, wheezing, chronic coughing, and lung cancer are all effects of smoking. Additionally, excessive smoking can not only lead to lung cancer and emphysema, but it can also cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Unless permanent damage has already been inflicted, by quitting smoking you can improve your lung function. Within the first few weeks of not smoking, you’ll notice that taking part in light exercise it much easier; climbing up and down flights of stairs won’t strain your breathing as much. If you quit smoking early enough, you’ll even reduce your risk of getting cancer.


  • Clearer, Younger Skin: Have you ever noticed that smokers tend to look older than they actually are? This is due to the nicotine and various other toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes. Nicotine will limit blood flow to your skin, resulting in the inability for proper levels of oxygen and nutrients to replenish your skin cells. The lack of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells will cause your skin to slowly crease and become dull. Dr. Jenny Van Amburgh explains, “The thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke cause a breakdown in the major structural components of the skin–elastin and collagen. When these components are damaged, your skin loses its firmness, elasticity, and strength” (source). So, by giving up the habit of smoking, you’ll be helping your skin regain its natural collagen and elastin–though it won’t reverse the wrinkling that has already taken effect. Who knows, quitting smoking might work better than those expensive anti-aging cleansers and lotions. Additionally, smoking cessation will help to alleviate the formation of acne. Over time, blemishes on your skin will start to fade and you’ll experience less and less breakouts as you quit smoking.


Smoking is a tricky habit to kick, but one that’s essential to your prolonged health. By quitting smoking you will be able to feel younger, look younger, and get yourself on track to a healthier lifestyle. We understand that smoking is a very, very difficult habit to kick to the curb, however, with the love and support of your family and the right team of healthcare providers by your side, your journey to a cigarette-free life will be more than possible. Contact Signature Health & Wellness today to learn more about smoking cessation at our clinic in Nashville and La Vergne, TN.


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