How Effective is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo Removal with Revolutionary PicoSure™ Technology

Whether they are a form of art and expression, or represent a person or memory, tattoos are a common trend that dates back thousands and thousands of years. Although the technique and materials have greatly changed, the outcome and purpose of a tattoo remains the same. However, unlike the ancient years, there are many consumers who get a tattoo and regret it in years to come, resulting in the investment of tattoo removal in Nashville, TN. This is a procedure that’s greatly feared by many tattoo-bearing consumers for the pain that’s associated with it. Laser tattoo removal is an in-office, non-surgical procedure that uses a Q-switch laser to break up the ink within the skin. There are many questions surrounding laser tattoo removal, its level of efficiency being a top contender. Laser tattoo removal is a very efficient and effective procedure that can clear the skin of an unwanted tattoo. However, like most procedures, there are a few factors that can influence its proficiency. Signature Health offers tattoo removal in Nashville, TN and La Vergne, TN.  If you would like to learn more about Laser Tattoo Removal with Revolutionary PicoSure™ Technology, contact Signature Health & Wellness, today!

There are quite a few variables that can affect how effective a tattoo removal treatment is –  Let’s take a look at the top factors

Location of Tattoo

Surprisingly, the location of your tattoo can have a significant impact on how effective and efficient a laser tattoo removal treatment is. Lasering away the cells that are filled with ink–in a timely fashion–greatly depends on how fast your bloodstream can carry these cells to your lymphatic system–the part of your circulatory system that helps rid the blood system of toxins. In simple terms, how easy a tattoo can be removed all depends on how far away from your heart the tattoo is. If your tattoo is closer to your heart, then you probably won’t need as many session as you would if the tattoo is further away. However, keep in mind, the size of your tattoo can also affect the number of sessions you need.


Color plays an important role in how effective a treatment of laser tattoo removal is. Tattoos with darker ink tend to respond well to laser treatments, such as black, blue, and certain shades of green. However, tattoos with colors such as red and lighter greens usually have a harder time being removed since there are more additives in the ink. The additives in the ink are harder for the laser light to break up, resulting in multiple sessions. Additionally, tattoos with shades of orange and yellow are the most difficult to remove.

Skin Tone

Since the lasers are built to target pigment and melanin in our skin cells, tattoo removal has faster, more efficient results with skin tones that greatly contrast the ink of their tattoo. Unfortunately, if the skin tone and the ink of the tattoo are too similar, the laser could wind up damaging healthy, ink-free skin cells.


As you grow older, tattoos tend to fade. This is due to the cells in the dermis–the second layer of skin–being replaced and reproduced. If you are removing a tattoo that is older, chances are that it will take less time since your skin has naturally replaced many of the ink-filled cells.

Method of Tattooing

Who/where you received your tattoo from can impact how your skin initially responds to the lasers. If you went to a professional tattoo parlor that used high-end equipment and ink, then your tattoo will be more difficult to remove and will require multiple sessions. Whereas if you or a friend did your tattoo, it will be easier to clear since the ink is lower quality.

In addition to these factors, the state of your health can also affect how efficient each session is. Although tattoos are a popular trend, one should also choose what they want with careful consideration. Fortunately, tattoos no longer have to be permanent! With PicoSure’s advanced laser technology, eliminating unwanted tattoos is easy. For tattoo removal in Nashville and La Vergne, TN, call us today!


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